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主 讲 人:德国不来梅大学Annette Ladst?tter-Wei?enmayer教授


         Annette Ladst?tter-Wei?enmayer博士是德国不来梅大学物理与电气工程学院副院长、大气物理与化学高级研究员,2011年就被365bet官网体育在线聘为客座教授。她积极参入中德合作交流,已先后7次来365bet官网体育在线为研究生授课和为中德暑期夏令营的学生做讲座。她与365bet官网体育在线的多位教授已经建立了良好的合作关系,双方合作指导硕士和博士研究生,并联合开设课程《大气物理学》。她是德国不莱梅大学最早与365bet官网体育在线进行学术交流的科学家,自2008年以来,她一直担任不莱梅大学中德合作培养研究生项目的协调人,在她的直接帮助下365bet官网体育在线约有30名研究生进入不莱梅大学学习。20115月、201211月、20133月、20139月、201410月、20169月和20175月她先后7次来365bet官网体育在线为研究生授课,教授科技英语写作,听过她的课程的人数超过250人。


        2018917(周一)18(周二)19(周三) 09:00--11:30AM

报告地点:崂山校区海洋楼海洋与大气学院 412教室



Topic I: Remote Sensing and its Application (周一,2018917)

内容提要:Remote sensing can be broadly defined as the collection and interpretation of information about an object, area, or event without being in physical contact with the object. Ground based -, aircraft - and satellite based measurements are used to observe e.g. natural and anthropogenic influences on atmospheric conditions. In addition these data is used to analyse trends and to validate model output with respect to predict future variability.


Topic IIGreenhouse Gases (周二,2018918)

内容提要:Atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases have risen sharply in recent decades as a result of human activity. The changes in climate that can be expected as a result of the ongoing emissions of greenhouse gases could have large, harmful impacts on human wellbeing.

The global network of ground-based measurements (like the TCCON (Total Column Carbon Observing Network)) of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) concentrations expanded in the last years. Compared to ground-based measurements, the key advantage of satellite-based measurements is their ability to provide global coverage of these compounds.


Topic IIISatellite Data of Pollution Events (周三,2018919)

内容提要:Satellite data of atmospheric pollutants are becoming more widely used in the decision-making and environmental management activities of public, private sector and non-profit organizations. They are employed for estimating emissions, tracking pollutant plumes, supporting air quality forecasting activities, providing evidence for “exceptional event” declarations, monitoring regional long-term trends, and evaluating air quality model output.

Using satellite based measurements, indicators for air pollution can be observed. These kind of indicators are e.g. nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and the oxidized hydrocarbons like formaldehyde (HCHO), glyoxal (CHOCHO), carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2).



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