国(境)外文教专家2018年度系列讲座八十四: Aurelia Lupascu学术讲座

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 Aurelia Lupascu学术讲座


      Aura Lupascu is research associate at IASS Potsdam. Her research interests revolve around modeling of the transport,transformation,and removal of trace gases and tropospheric aerosols. Currently, Aura is working on detailed attribution of ozone production to emissions of NOx and VOC precursors using the global and regional air quality models. Previously, her research interest focused on ability of chemical transport models to capture the formation of new particles. For this, she extended the aerosol models into two different CTMs(CHIMERE and WRF-Chem) to incorporate nanometer sizes of freshly nucleated particles.


 报告人:Aurelia Lupascu(Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, IASS)

 主题:Modelling impact of different physico-chemical properties of trace gases and aerosols using   the regional-scale WRF-Chem model

 时间:2018年10月16日 上午10:00-11:00



      Chemical transport models are an important tool for simulation of transport and transformation of aerosol and gases and thus to improve our knowledgeabout primary and secondary sources of gases and aerosol particles.

      As for example, attributing ozone concentrations, an important air pollutant, to the contributions from different sources would indicate the effects of locally emitted or transported precursors on ozone levels in specific regions. Using a“tagging”approach within CAM-Chem and WRF-Chem,  we can quantify the contribution of individual emission of NOx and VOC precursors on air quality. On other hand, accurate representation of the aerosol lifecycle requires adequate modeling of the particle number concentration and size distribution in addition to their mass, which is often the focus of aerosol modeling studies. The second part of this talk compares particle number concentrations and size distributions as predicted by three empirical nucleation parameterizations in WRF-Chem using 20 discrete size bins ranging from 1nm to 10 μm.






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