海外名师讲堂第九十七讲:Neil Trevett教授专题讲座

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报告题目:Open Standards for Building Virtual and Augmented Realities

报告摘要:For VR and AR to become truly pervasive, native applications and the Web need to be enabled with portable and open standards for 3D, vision and inferencing acceleration, efficient formats for delivering 3D assets, and cross platform APIs for user interaction and scene analysis and interaction. The Khronos Group is working alongside other international standards organizations to create the building blocks for XR-enabled browsers and applications. This presentation will provide an update on the very latest developments in Khronos standards, and how they fit within the larger industry XR ecosystem.

报告人:Neil Trevett

报告人简介:Neil Trevett---Vice President Developer Ecosystems, NVIDIA President, Khronos Group.At NVIDIA Neil works to enable applications leverage advanced silicon acceleration. Neil is also the elected President of the Khronos Group where he has helped initiate and evolve APIs and formats such as Vulkan, OpenXR, OpenGL ES, WebGL, glTF, OpenCL, OpenVX and NNEF.









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