海外名师讲堂第一百零八讲:路易斯安那州立大学 Brenner教授专题报告


报告题目:Computational Mathematics

告摘要:This is a general talk about computational mathematics.We will trace its fascinating history from ancient times to modern day in terms of people, machines and algorithms.We will discuss the goals and practices of computational mathematics, and the challenges and opportunities that it provides.

报告人:Susanne C. Brenner(Louisiana State University)

报告人简介:Susanne C. Brenner is the Louisiana State University System Boyd Professor of Mathematics. She has authored more than 100 research articles and she is the coauthor of the graduate text The Mathematical Theory of Finite Element Methods. In 2005 she received a senior Humboldt Research Award for her contributions to finite element analysis and fast solution techniques.  She is the managing editor of Mathematics of Computation and she has also served on the editorial boards of many other journals.Currently, she serves on the National Science Foundation Mathematics and Physical Sciences Advisory Council.She is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Mathematical Society and the Society for

Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

时  间:20196215:00-16:00

地  点:数学科学院604



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